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About Me...

As a music producer, I work with full bands, solo artists & singer/songwriters alike. I also work with a lot of singers that need music and songwriting help. I can take a singer/songwriter's song and create full band productions for them.

I'm also a composer, writing music for TV, film, other artists and various internet projects. Check out my portfolio for some of my recent composing work:


Recent Clients...

Razorhouse's Mark Panick was in tracking a track for an upcoming release.

MFM owner Matt Feddermann spent time at Solid Sound Recording in Hoffman Estates tracking drums with Greg Marsh (Van Ghost & Dick Holliday) with Danny Shaffer co-producing.

Guitarist Sean McMahon was in the studio earlier this month tracking music for an upcoming jazz guitar release.


Featured Video:
"Safe Word" - Social Focus - Produced by Matt Feddermann